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How long will it take for my stuff to arrive?

I aim to post your item within 48 hours of receipt of your order. Please allow 7 to 14 working days for delivery of in-stock items ordered online.  

If you are ordering a custom piece, you can check for a timescale before you order - email us for custom orders.

UK orders are posted standard Second Class by Royal Mail.  If you wish to use another delivery method, email me. 

If your in-stock item has not arrived after 2 weeks of ordering, please let me know so it can be investigated at the post office. I will try to inform you of any known delays with your order, but in busy times, this is not always possible, despite our best intentions. (In busy times, check out our social media for shipping updates.)

How much is shipping?

UK shipping is charged at a flat rate of £1.25 per order, no matter how much you buy.

For orders outwith the UK, shipping is calculated on weight at the check out. I try to keep it as low as possible. I monitor prices closely to keep them as reasonable as possible and if I find i've grossly overcharged on international shipping, i'll refund you the difference.

I want a sampler of my own design

i can work with you to create a custom piece - just complete the custom order enquiry form here. In some cases, I can make up custom charts or kits please email to enquire. Thread colour substitutions may be possible for Miso Funky/The Bellwether kits, just ask.

How many strands of thread should I use to stitch my chart/kit?

If the kit does not specify otherwise, it is best to use 2 strands of embroidery thread for our cross stitch kits. Never use all 6 strands unless you want it to look like a chimp made it. 

Help! I've run out of thread to complete my kit!

If you follow the instructions on using 2 strands, then this should not happen. All the threads for our kits are measured on the generous side, so you will have enough. The amount of thread needed will depend on the number of strands used and your technique. We will endeavour to provide extra threads to you or the colour codes for you to find more where possible.

How do I stitch onto rubber/wood/the moon?

The principle of stitching onto a rubber iPhone case or a wooden pendant is exactly the same as stitching onto fabric. Really, it's easy. Go with it.

Please will you link to my website?

I might do. Is your site craft related in a cool way? Then I might, if you link to me. Is your site trying to sell viagra, mortgages or fake degrees? Then, my friend, your answer's no.

Hello, I'm a journalist and I'd like to feature your wares...

Please, go right ahead. You have impeccable taste and your hair looks great today. I'm very accommodating and will be happy to discuss anything with you, provide high res images, samples etc. Check out my Press page or please email me for more details.

How can my products get featured on The Bellwether?

I no longer sell other designers work. Please feel free to drop me a line though if you have something cool to show me.

I sent you an e-mail ages ago! why haven't you replied?

Because I've been eaten by giant stoats. Honest! There are 2 main reasons - firstly, I'm very busy and haven't gotten round to it. Or it could be secondly, I've just forgotten. If it's been more than a week, try again. It doesn't happen often, but maybe I've missed it. Inbox zero is my unobtainable holy grail.

Your site doesn't work! Why not?

Perhaps you are typing the address into your microwave? If there is a problem with the site, then I'd like you to tell me about it - but only if you can tell me what browser you are using, what you were trying to do at the time and what time you were doing it. I'm no scientologist, but I will endeavour to have it checked out.

Will you design my website?

No, but Marceline might. She's a web genie and very reasonably priced. She made this one - she's ace.

What do you do when you're not working on The Bellwether?

I work in TV. I like to travel. That's why it might take some time to get back to you. Check out my story here.

What happened to Hamish?!

He retired - he is a ripe old age, you know. Hamish the giraffe, along with his friends Chikako the bird and Iona the bunny were the Miso Funky mascots for a long time. They've all gone off to work on their own projects and Hamish will always remain in our hearts (and my wardrobe). 

How does your site comply with UK Cookie Laws?

I only store your personal information if you set up an account with The Bellwether. By setting up an account with me, and by visiting the website and continuing to use it, you are consenting to receiving cookies from The Bellwether website. That's computer cookies, not real ones. Mmm, cookies.

What happened to Miso Funky?

The name Miso Funky was of its time and as the business has evolved so much since we began back in 2005, no longer really suited my products and theme. So, I've changed to The Bellwether, which more closely suits what I'm about. You can read about the change here.

I still have a question, can you answer it?

I can try. Email me and ask at