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Super Simple Plastic Canvas Gift Tag Tutorial

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I'm super excited to be taking part in a really cool series this week, the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop, organised by none other than crafting superstar, Diane from Crafty Pod. Every day this week, there will be a different project for you to try using plastic canvas, and the tutorials are all free. 

To kick things off, I am going to show you how to make a super-simple gift tag using plastic canvas. It's quick and easy, so if you haven't used plastic canvas before, don't be afraid! My project is just like cross stitch!

You will need: 

  • Plastic canvas blank - these are widely available in craft stores. In the UK, I got mine from Hobbycraft.
  • Tapestry wool - I used Anchor shades 8256, 8936 and 9800.
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors

You can use any colours you like, of course - why not use the favourite colours of your gift recipient? A handy tip for storing wools you're using so you don't get confused mid-project - wrap a short strand of wool around the skein wrapper and you'll always know which shade is which - nifty, eh?

So, let's get started. Even you there at the back, Sausage Fingers, will manage this, it’s very easy. Take your plastic canvas square and carefully count the squares to find the centre of the canvas. To find the centre of your chart, simply count the number of stitches across and divide by two. Because the blank canvas is a square, you already know the answer for the height, so cross-match the two to find the centre stitch.

I used an A for this tag from this free chart from Yarn Tree. I counted how many stitches tall the letter was, and then counted out from the centre to find where to start. 

I used a normal cross stitch for my project, and started with the A (for my friend, Anne!) in the centre in black:

Then simply alternate rows of your two contrasting colours until you fill the whole canvas. I used the method of doing a row of half legs and then going back to complete the whole row at a time, like so:

Before long, you'll have a tag that looks like this:

Simply tie on a bit of string or ribbon and attach to your gift - voila! You could even use these as a luggage tag, too - brighten up your dull black suitcase by attaching a tag and you'll never have to wait for ages at the airport again, trying to tell which one is your bag!

This is a very simple introduction to plastic canvas, but there are so many possibilities, as you'll see this week on the Blog Hop. There are some really great ideas coming up, including some 3D projects which blow my tiny mind, so make sure you check out the rest of the posts over the coming week. Just click on the little button below and you'll be able to see all the projects.

Happy stitching!

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