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Pulse Recap

Last month, I packed up my giant suitcase with samples and caught the train to London for a week, to exhibit at Pulse, a giant trade fair in London's Earls Court. It was quite the ordeal travelling solo with all that, I can tell you! I'd spent rather a long time preparing for it, but even so, the day before I was still frantically making stuff and ticking things off lists. Set up was over two days - I had initially thought it wouldn't take too long, but it took an entire day! I'm glad my mum met me in London to help me out - it was more fun that way, too. Here she is, making mischief: I put my trusty washi tape to good use, of course, to jazz up my rather boring-looking shelving. The night before Pulse opened, sadly I discovered one of my samples, an iPhone case, had been stolen from the stand. I guess that's a kind of back-handed compliment?! I was pretty upset about it momentarily, but onwards and upwards! I made myself a lanyard for my name badge and had an early night in preparation for the next day! I couldn't quite believe that this was going to be ready for the next day, but it was! The next three days were rather a blur of talking to my visitors, meeting some great new friends, meeting people I only knew from online and generally talking and talking and talking to hundreds of people who came to visit the stand - thank you, all of you! I was quite happy with how the stand turned out, with my limited resources though it was a real learning curve for next time. I secured some great new stockists for Miso Funky with more in the pipeline. I'm also brimming with ideas for new products and designs, so watch this space!  

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