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Giveaway Winners

So, thank you for all your entries to the giveaway for January! Some really good tips in there! The winning entry, drawn at random is Jenny who said: "My house is a tip with two small people running around making it dirtier every day. My top tip is to do a little every day when they’re in bed. I can’t wait until they’re older when they can help out!" Doing a little each day is my new way ahead! Though it is hard keeping floors clean with a big muddy-pawed dog in the house! Congratulations, Jenny! Please get in touch at to claim your prize! Our Blog & Buy Sale stall is still running over here - please, if you have a moment, to click the link and "like" and/or Tweet us, it'd be much appreciated! We are in the lead at the time of writing, help us stay there!  

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