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Free Shipping On Kits

Big changes are afoot here at Miso Funky. We're plotting a major overhaul which is quite exciting! One of the things I've been busy pondering is shipping costs. As our samplers are framed in such lovely frames, with glass in them, we have to take care when packing to make sure they arrive in one piece. We spend a fortune on bubble wrap and boxes! So our shipping costs are a little on the high side, higher than we'd like, at least. So, for lighter items, I've started to update our website to have free UK shipping, and more reasonable international rates too. All of our kits now ship free of charge in the UK! This isn't a special offer, it's how we're gonna roll from now on! Click here to see our full range of kits. Included in the free shipping is our What Would Delia Do? kit. Somehow, I'd forgotten to add this to the shop, but you can now get your mitts on one here. Would you rather our products all had shipping costs built into the price already? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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