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And, we're back!

 We're back! Me and Mr Miso Funky, along with Mama Miso Funky, have been sunning ourselves on Zakinthos for the last week, but we're back now and normal service shall resume! Above is what I spent Friday doing - exploring some caves in such crystal clear turquoise waters you wouldn't believe! It was awesome! But now, we're back in rainy Glasgow, it's just 4.30pm and it's as dark as midnight outside! So wet and gloomy! To ease ourselves back in with a bit of cheer to hard work, I've slapped a special discount code on to the shop. You can claim 20% off everything by quoting DREICH at the checkout. Just click here to start shopping! The code will remain in place until it stops it could be a short sale, but bearing in mind we're in the West of Scotland, it could be on for many weeks to come! Now, to sort out some more washing, pack away the suntan lotion and get on with all your orders!

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