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We're All Doomed...

Here in the UK, our government is currently looking for ways to screw us all over cut our national debts, and this week, they've been announcing all the things they're going to be doing away with, or cutting funding for or raising taxes on. There seems to have been no stone left unturned in their bid to make us all feel laden with doom and feeling like our economy will never recover!So, now more than ever, it's important for people to spend the money they do have on lovely handmade things, to support small indie businesses in these lean times! I've put together a wee selection of Miso Funkiness which suits the mood of the nation rather well:

The End Is Nigh. Certainly seems like it!

Everything Will Be Fine. But you know, we'll recover eventually.

Will Bodypop For Food - hopefully we won't all be standing in underpasses holding signs like this.

Keep Calm And Carry On Shopping tote bag. Nuff said.

Bless This Mess - I'm sure George Osborne has one of these on his wall now.

And if all else fails - In Case Of Emergency Breakdance.

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