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Tagged and Tagging

Obviously, as one of the best places to buy sweary cross stitch in Glasgow (umm, the only one!) , me and the gang are obviously very supportive of other indie businesses. We should really be telling you more about these! Shame on us. So, did you know about Bonbi Forest? Lee May's illustrations and jewellery are quite simply beautiful. I had my owl scarf on earlier in fact - everyone always asks me where it's from and I always point them in the direction of Bonbi Forest. Which is where I'm pointing you now. Yes, you! Anyway, Lee May tagged me on her blog to take a photograph and write about it. Here's the challenge: 1: Open your first photo folder, 2: scroll to the 10th photo, 3: Post the photo and the story behind it, 4: Tag 5 or more peeps to continue the thread... So, here it is, my photo: SDC10926 Ah, look, this was taken back when Scotland had sunshine! Actually, I know exactly the date this was taken - 5th July 2009. The date is ingrained in my brain for many reasons - it's my mother in law's birthday, it was the first market at Edinburgh's Grassmarket I took part in, my friend Catherine had her baby, Lucy, that day and my gallbladder packed up when I got home, leading to months of agony waiting for surgery. I don't think I'll ever forget such a momentous day! Anyway, I digress. This photo was of my stall just after I set it up. Considering the amount of stuff I managed to cram on it, I am surprised anyone could see anything to buy stuff! On the left, are some cushions I made out of vintage material, thinking they would go down well - I didn't sell any that day and I never took them anywhere else or put them online, so they are now on my sofa at home. In fact, I am reclining on one as I write! The samplers kept falling over in the breeze that day, which was very annoying. It was the first outing I think for the banner at the front of the stall, too. It's since been replaced with a giant one. It was a nice day, as I recall it, sunny and warm and I met some nice people and had a lovely hog roast roll from the shop near Red Door Gallery. That's probably what tipped my gallbladder over the edge, in fact! But we can put all that behind us now (hopefully)! Now, I'm going to tag some other people to take on this exercise. If you don't do it, I'll send Iona round to prod you until you do! No cheating now! (You should also check out these indie designers blogs, if you have time, please.) Katy at Girl Industries. Jen at Hello Jenuine Bronwen at Rhubarb Crumble Marceline at Asking For Trouble Laura at Dropstitch Feel free to join in!

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