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Autumn News Update

Ahoy there! How did another month manage to fly past so quickly?  It's almost the end of October which means it's almost November which means that Christmas is growing ever-nearer!  Sorry to be the bearer of that hard fact, but I am determined that you should get your collective acts in gear, my newsletter-reading lovelies! Fear not, I have plenty of handy advice for you to do so!  First off is the mega shopping extravaganza opportunity you have this very weekend!  Saturday sees the return of Made In The Shade featuring over 40 of Scotland's top independent designers and makers, including, of course, Miso Funky.  You can stop by The Lighthouse in Glasgow's city centre between 10.30am and 5pm on Saturday or click here for more details. Sunday is also a returning event, this time it's the Say No To Plastic vintage sale at Oran Mor.  Situated handily at the top of Byres Road, this event will be a truly thrilling event with fashion, home wares, jewellery and a whole lot more to choose from, all with a vintage or an eco-friendly slant.  Doors are open 12pm to 5pm and tickets cost just £5, which goes to charidee.  More information here - book tickets early to avoid disappointment! If you can't make it this weekend, there are plenty of other chances to catch Miso Funky live in the flesh - check the Events page for info. In the news! You may have spotted yours truly's mug in the Daily Record this week, if you're in Scotland!  How exciting, but also mildly disappointing that they used the one photo of me I wasn't beaming ear to ear in!  There's been growing interest from the press in Hamish and co, which is terribly exciting - we even had a little paragraph in last week's Sunday Times as part of the Made In The Shade article.  One thing I would like to reassure you all on though is that despite suggestion to the contrary, ie photos in the press suggesting that me and my sewing machine are a match made in heaven, all emobroidery samplers are hand-sewn!  If I could only find a way to make a machine do them for me, I'd be laughing! Kawaii Overload! You may have seen on the blog that the Japanese kawaii stationery range has been well and truly expanded!  There are loads of new items fresh from Japan to choose from.  They're mostly one-offs, so make sure you grab your favourites now to avoid heart-wrenching disappointment later. Guest Designers Not content with giving you the wonderful Miso Funky things, the Guest Designers slot is coming back!   Two brand spanking new areas will be live on Monday featuring the truly awesome Laura Donald's Eastenders-themed embroidery and vintage brooches and the bonkers-yet-fab Mimi Love's necklaces and purses.  Make sure you check them out on the shop on Monday!  There's also at least another one designer still to come soon, so stay tuned! New Designs And of course I've not been resting on my laurels either - there are plenty of new designs in the shop for your viewing pleasure.  Choose from Be Nice Or Go Home, new Make Tea Not War designs or maybe even a HSFH cushion!  All available now at the shop and also available at both events this weekend! There is also a new supply of vintage Babycham glasses just arrived! These are back in stock online and will be available this weekend too. Go quickly! Right, that's all for now!  Hope to see you all soon, one way or another!
Hamish xxx

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