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New Homewares In Store Now!

Good gracious, how on earth did it get to be September already?!  It will be time for us to start mentioning the c-word soon, but for now you can still legitimately buy things for yourself!

100907-026.jpg            100907-017.jpg    

Consider the vintage donkey ring stand!  It’s such a cute little item to adorn your dressing table and he’ll even look after your jewellery! A snip at just £8. You can also make it known to the neighbours, the postman and anyone else passing that here be the home of a handmade lover with a handstitched nameplate for your front door.  You tell us what you want stitched, and we’ll get to it - for just £4.50!

  100907-021.jpg            100907-023.jpg

Also in store, is a new emo-broidery sampler, this time a nice one!  The not-so-nice ones are as popular as ever, but for those who don’t want to frighten the horses, pick up a home sweet home sampler.

There’s loads more  new items in store too - just mosey on over to the shop for a looksee!

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