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Crimble Market Charity Running Total!

Not only were a lot of you winners in our Crimble Miso Funky Market raffle but we made a tidy sum to give to our chosen charity - the Association of Young People with ME! Drum roll please... £131.50... and counting! ... Thank you to everyone who contributed to the raffle, especially our marketeers!! You were super generous! Also thanks to Victoria Woodcock who has written the fab new craft book - Making Stuff. She kindly donated a few copies of which were really inspirational to the winners :) Not to mention Laura Fallulah and your asinine heart who donated via our plea for donations on the Craftermath forum! So kind of you. We are planning lots of things for 2007 that will help amazing charities like AYME. Please check out their site for more info on the great work they do!

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